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The loge, a bar supported by the Verein Utlande e.V., is a place where we want to intertwine various subcultures and emancipatory movements.

Here, we aim to create a space where we can connect different threads together. Besides regular bar operations, we want to host readings, concerts, discussions, informational events, and other encounters.


Our approach is collective, self-determined, and based on consensus decision-making.  Having grown up in the AJZ (a youth center) amid punk and politics, we want these influences to be reflected in our work.


One key aspect is finding ways to reconcile affordable drinking and paying fair wages. What sets us apart from many other establishments is our firm stance against antisemitism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and any form of discrimination.


We stand in solidarity with one another and actively oppose these harmful ideologies.  We are always approachable, should you need support or want to share your feedback. Additionally, we gladly welcome your active involvement in creating a welcoming atmosphere where people feel comfortable and look out for one another.


The loge. is excited about the future, looking forward to your input, events, suggestions, and ideas.



What it's about:

The city is full of places where people can misbehave, and such behavior is generally tolerated.

But that's not what the LOGE. is for.

The LOGE. should be a space where everyone feels comfortable, supports each other, and takes care of one another.


The LOGE. is not a space for any kind of behavior.

Any intrusive and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated! With your help, we can make a difference here.


As LOGE., it's essential to us that everyone feels safe in our space. Whether you are a visitor, staff member, or event organizer, you have the right to a discrimination-free experience in our premises. To ensure we all have a good time, you, just like any other person, are responsible for your behavior and conduct.


We look out for each other!

In the LOGE., every person is welcome as long as they adhere to our defined values and code of conduct. This concept serves as a binding guideline for our behavior in the LOGE.


We continuously develop and appreciate your assistance and suggestions for improvement.  


What awareness means to us:

Being attentive & conscious!

We are attentive and mindful, contributing to avoiding difficult situations from arising in the first place through our behavior.


Awareness is an ongoing process and not something that society necessarily exemplifies to us. Therefore, it's "okay" to make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from them. That's why we bring each other's attention to things and support one another in this process.  


Code of Conduct:

We act based on the principle of consensus.

Only "yes" means yes!

Anything else means no! Actions and conversations happen only with mutual consent.


Pay attention to whether the other person clearly signals that they want to speak or interact with you.  


You have the right to feel safe and respected. If you feel threatened, insecure, or uncomfortable, reach out to staff at the entrance, the bar, or any other team member or band member.  


If you see that another person needs help:    

• Ask the affected person directly.    

• Don't leave it to "others" to take action.  

You don't have to explain or justify your experiences and what you have seen.  


Everyone should feel accepted and comfortable regardless of gender, sexuality, skin color, religion, or ethnic background.  

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, anti-Semitism, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, or ageism.  


Symbols of rights movements and similar things are not welcome.  


Just because men can walk around shirtless without expecting comments, sanctions, or harassment doesn't mean they automatically have the right to use this privilege and go shirtless.


Be in solidarity and keep your shirt on.  


Disrespectful and intrusive behavior, such as unwanted advances, comments, or other forms of harassment, will not be tolerated in our space.  


Consume responsibly and in a way that respects your boundaries and those of others.  


When a boundary is crossed, each person decides for themselves. Respect their decision!  


Reach out to staff at the entrance, the bar, or any other team member or band member if you observe or experience something that you feel is not right.  


You determine where your boundaries are and can redefine and communicate them at any time.  


What LOGE. does to help you:

We will discuss the observed or experienced situation with you and present your options. If you can't decide or prefer, you can leave the decision to our team or seek advice from a trusted person. We are here for you at all times and can also provide you with the opportunity to take a break and collect yourself in a separate room. You will not be put in any situation you don't want to be in, and you can always have a say or leave everything to us.  


If the moment wasn't right to report something:

That's okay too! We want to support and encourage you to stand up for your well-being and that of others at any time, but if the timing wasn't right, you can always reach out to us later.


The best way to reach us is via email at:

We always have an open ear for you!


Date: December 2022 

thoughts on solidarity price politics

After much back and forth, we now unfortunately had to take the step of slightly raising or adjusting our affordable prices. To make this step as transparent as possible for you, we want to briefly explain the reasons and our thoughts behind it.  


When we opened "Die Loge" in September 2019, calculating the prices was quite challenging as we could hardly estimate our fixed and other ongoing costs. From the beginning, we wanted to keep our prices as low as possible. This worked quite well, especially in the early months, partly because we refrained from paying out salaries to build up a buffer for the project.


However, after the first year, we were quickly confronted with economic reality. Especially after the recent Corona lockdowns, the prices from the respective manufacturers and distributors increased significantly due to inflation.


Unfortunately, we now have no choice but to adjust the prices of the beverages we offer.  In addition to considering the working conditions of the individuals who keep this place running for you – which includes not only a minimal wage but also secured accident and health insurance – we also take into account the origin and sources of the products we offer.  


As most of you know, as an aspiring pub collective, it is essential for us not to source our drinks from regular wholesalers (even though this might often be the cheaper option).

Instead, we prefer working with friendly distribution collectives that organize themselves in a way that aligns with our goal of fair and far-sighted treatment of all the people involved in the production and distribution process.


We consciously understand that cheap offers often involve exploitation of those within the production and distribution chain, and we do not want to contribute to such exploitation.  We cannot and do not want to pass the price pressure solely on ourselves as "workers," or onto our producers or suppliers like discount stores might do.


This is a quality that we hope you are willing to support.  


Even in areas that might not be immediately apparent to our guests, there have been considerable cost increases in recent months. These include operating expenses, substantial electricity and water consumption in a bar, as well as obligatory contributions to professional associations and health insurance.


With our previous pricing, we could no longer cover the increased costs. However, our adjusted prices remain accessible, allowing people with limited financial means the opportunity to have a good time with us.  


In the future, "The Loge" will continue to be a space where everyone can feel comfortable, free from racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.  We hope you understand our situation and why this step unfortunately became necessary.  

Best regards,

Your Loge.-Team


(As of May 23, 2022)    





kinzigstr.9 | 10247 berlin

tuesday - saturday from 07:00 pm




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