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The pub spaces are accessible via a permanent wheelchair ramp through the courtyard.

The door of the accessible entrance, with a width of 95cm, is continuously open and unlocked as long as the pub is open.

The ramp dimensions are:

310 cm length | 135 cm width | 50 cm height | 9.15° incline

Access to the accessible toilet is also available via the courtyard.

It is located diagonally opposite the accessible entrance. Unfortunately, it is not freely accessible. You can obtain the key at the bar.

The dimensions of the accessible toilet are:

95cm door width | 165cm room width | 270cm room length

On both the left and right sides of the toilet, there are fold-down supports installed.



The concert room is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible!

There is an option for simplified access through the courtyard, but it still requires overcoming a staircase.

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