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Venue Specs

Concert Room

4,30 Meter wide und 12,50 Meter deep


130 Pax unchaired und 65 Pax chaired


4 Meter wide und 3 Meter deep.



Allen & Heath ZED-428

(24x Mono- & 2x Stereo Channel)

FOH Technic

2x DI-Box Palmer (2 Kanäle / passiv)

2x Graphic EQ 2x31 Band

1x Yamaha Multieffect SPX900

1x Klark Teknik DN 504 Compressor


3x 15" 450W (two ways)


3x Shure SM58

3x Shure SM57

1x Sennheiser E835

1x Sennheiser E901


Sonor Smart Force Extend

Bassdrum 22"

Stand Tom 14"

Tom 13"

Tom 12"

Hardware (incl 2x cambal stands)


Marshall MR1960A (without tops)

Guitar Box (4x12" Cab)

300W Stereo // 8 Ohm


Ibanez Promethean P410CC (without tops)

Bass Box (4x10" Cab + Tweeter)

250W // 8 Ohm

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