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The Loge. a pub supported by the association Utlande e.V., is a place where we aim to connect the common threads by bringing together various subcultures and emancipatory movements.

A place that, besides regular pub operations, also provides space for readings, concerts, discussions, informational events, and other gatherings.

We operate with a collectivist approach, self-determined and making decisions by consensus.

We grew up in the AJZ (Autonomous Youth Center), between punk and politics, and we want that to be reflected in our work. This means, not least, that we are looking for ways to combine "drinking on a budget" with paying fair wages.

We also differ from many other places in that we do not tolerate racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination.

On the contrary!

We take a firm stand against them and advocate for solidarity. We are always approachable if you encounter situations here where you need support and/or want to express criticism.

At the same time, we welcome your active support in creating a good atmosphere where many people feel comfortable and look out for each other.

Thoughts  Solidarity Pricing

The Loge. Kneipenkollektiv is more than just a bar – it is a place of cultural value, a space for encounters, solidarity, and togetherness. A venue where concerts, solidarity events, readings, and parties regularly take place. A hub of subculture, a political stage, and hedonism.

Those who know us understand how difficult it has been from day one to balance the idealistic construct of the Loge with the economic reality we must navigate. The expiration of COVID support programs and aid, increased rent, electricity, utility, wage, and insurance costs, immensely increased purchase prices, and the generally dynamic/volatile economic situation have made it almost impossible for us to operate in solidarity.

Nevertheless, we are still committed to keeping our prices as low as possible, but we must recognize that we need to respond to the current extremely unstable economic conditions and adjust our prices continuously accordingly. If our prices occasionally seem to change "arbitrarily," it is because we do not want to implement blanket price increases but rather respond only to the increased costs of individual items.

This is indeed more effort for us, but it reflects our understanding of solidarity-based economics.


In general, we want to continue to make our pricing as transparent as possible and show which aspects go into this planning.

As a pub collective, it is important to us not to source our drinks from regular wholesalers (even though this would often be the significantly cheaper option for us). We like to work with friendly distribution collectives that organize themselves in a way that meets their own demands for fairer and more forward-looking treatment of all people behind the products and services.

Our leftist self-conception includes the awareness that cheap offers always rely on the exploitation of people within the production and distribution chain.

We do not want to comply with this form of exploitation.

We can – and want to – avoid shifting the price pressure, as in discount stores, solely onto ourselves as "workers" or onto our producers and suppliers.

This is a quality that we hope you are happy to pay for.

Even in areas that are not immediately the focus of our guests, there have been considerable cost increases in recent months. These include operating costs, the significant electricity and water consumption in a pub, as well as the obligatory contributions to the trade association and health insurance companies.

Without constant price adjustments, we cannot cover the ever-increasing costs in the long run. However, our adjusted prices will continue to be low-threshold, giving people with limited financial means the opportunity to have a good time with us.

We hope you understand our situation and why these steps will continue to be necessary in the future.

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